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Green Practices at Raindrop

At Raindrop, we believe that not only should we be selling and promoting green and sustainable products, but we should also strive to make Raindrop and its operations as green as possible as well. This means "practicing what we preach" and demanding that our business partners do the same.

Green Products at Raindrop:
  • Green Seal or Design for the Environment (DFE) certified chemicals that use hydrogen peroxide and other safe agents for cleaning. Also, we promote and train on proper chemical dilution, training, and accurate labeling of all chemicals.

  • Green Seal or EPA approved paper products, soap, scent dispensers, and many other green items. Green Seal, EPA, or DFE items are identified on your supply invoice for easy LEED documentation.

  • Microfiber Technology – Microfiber wet mops and cloths reduce water and chemical usage, while cleaning more effectively. Also, unlike cotton mops, microfiber dust mops prevent the spread of dust and hair particles throughout the environment.

  • Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) certified vacuum equipment with the highest quality HEPA Micron filtration available

  • Walk-Off Matting - One of the greenest and easiest ways to keep your facility clean! Mats reduce carpet cleaning, wear and improve sanitization by capturing dirt before it enters the facility. Raindrop sells matting and also provides mat maintenance service.

  • Urinal and restroom mats in men's restrooms help to reduce floor wear and the spread of urine and bacteria throughout your facility.

  • Low VOC alternatives such as air fresheners that are not aerosol based and urinal products that use natural enzymes to clean and deodorize.

  • State of the art hand drying systems that can dramatically lower carbon footprint and operating costs by eliminating paper towels and reducing can liner usage.
Green Practices at Raindrop:
  • Recycling programs including, paper, light bulbs, cans, glass, plastics, chemicals, metal, electronics, and many other recyclable items.

  • Efficient clean diesel Sprinter and Transit Connect delivery vehicles

  • Night time delivery, where possible to avoid traffic and burn less fuel.

  • Raindrop facilities – Use of natural lighting in our warehouse, high efficiency lighting upgrades, maximizing facility insulation, tank-less hot water system, warm weather natural ventilation system, high efficiency laundry

Raindrop's Green Supply Chain:
  • Saalfeld – Our major supplier - Energy Star facilities, reduced transport emissions initiative, recycling programs

  • Kimberly Clark – Reduced packaging, landfill waste, water and energy usage programs, sustainable forest programs

  • Rubbermaid – 80% of products made in the U.S.A. with zero factory emissions, zero acid rain contribution, reuse of 100% of non conforming product

  • Mountville Mills Mats - 90% landfill waste reduction